Practice - Particular Architects



Particular is a boutique urban planning, architecture and interior design studio based in Melbourne & Kuala Lumpur with a focus on critically considered and laterally concieved design outcomes.

We are committed to a design methodology which involves hands-on collaboration with our clients, cross-disciplinary dialogue, industry-leading design thinking, an in-depth understanding of constructability & costs, and a strong commitment to sustainable design.

Formed in 2012, Particular harnesses the extensive experience and expertise of its two principals and broader design team. We are in the process of delivering small to large scale projects for our clients in Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Working with us

We are committed to collaboration and the bringing together of ideas. Our design process involves a strategic and methodical consultation process with key stakeholders involving a series of design/delivery workshops.

We use these workshops to get to know our clients better - their values and priorities, risks and bottom-lines. These workshops also assist our clients (and the project team) in identifying / defining clear measurable outcomes (ROI), benchmarks and project parameters, at the outset of a project.

This set of information become KPIs against which the project is evaluated throughout the design and delivery phases, ensuring an outcome that is accurately aligned with the project vision.

Value for money

We believe and have demonstrated in practice that good ideas do not necessarily come at a premium. We are committed to developing outcomes which perform hard, provide maximum returns and are cost effective.

We are particular about aligning budgetary parameters with quality and scope. By having construction and costs experts on our team, our design process is constantly audited as it develops, against cost and quality measures.

Innovation & Research

We believe in a robust evidence led and research informed design approach. We are commited to being on the cutting edge of industry practices and know-how. We are constantly learning and developing better, more efficient ways of designing and delivering buildings.

Each design manouver we introduce is audited against project objectives and critically measured for its performance and outcomes.


We work with the most current design tools- Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D visualisation and documentation software packages. This allows the design, consultation and documentation processes to be streamlined and for design ideas to be rapidly prototyped.

We communicate our ideas through 3D imagery, animations / fly-throughs, Virtual 3D models and physical prototypes. Along with traditional drawings, these mediums of representation help our clients better understand the outcomes throughout the design process.

Working with other experts

We believe in and maintain strong relationships with other professions in the industry. We value cross disciplinary conversations and learning from other experts.

We maintain constant dialogue with manufacturers, town planners, building services consultants, authorities, product designers, technology experts, contractors, policy makers, academia and developers.

We believe this sharing of intelligence adds value to the way we work and ultimately the projects that we deliver.

First Principles Sustainability

We have a first principles approach to sustainability. Our projects are designed around what we like to call ‘low-tech’ and low cost sustainable initiatives - getting the basics right.

These include robust design manouvers such as calibrating the building form to achieve optimised orientation and shading, thermal massing, rainwater harvesting, passive ventilation etc.

Brand Power

In a market place saturated with competing products, we understand the critical importance of ‘the brand’. Each design response is critically assembled and tailored to ensure that it embodies, reinforces and drives the values and market perception/position of our clients.